“Innovation” is a word that gets thrown around a lot in the events industry, but do we truly mean it or even want it?

I know I do, it’s really what sets us apart at Onstage, we’re quite famous for it.   Part of my role is to develop new talent into ‘products’ that will sell in the corporate market.  I spend a good share of my time with credible artists, learning more about the skills they offer and how we can manage these to suit the demographic of most conference and event delegates to create a unique yet viable production.

However, there is a constant dialogue that confuses me, and it’s the daily request for ‘something new’.  The confusing bit is that I’m asked for something new but then immediately told what it is I’m “to provide two quotes for”.   It’s disappointing to hear those words, given I’m a person jam packed with ideas, revelations, creativity and opinions (many many opinions) working in a creative industry.   Hosting an event isn’t about stock on hand or room rates.  It’s about engaging with the human element of your business.  You can’t get two comparative quotes on acts, because there are no two acts exactly alike.

Quite frankly, I’m a wiz at creating new talent to offer to market, but when I do, it’s very difficult to find someone to be the first to try it.  Even the most contemporary of companies want a video or a gig they can attend to see the act before they confirm.  Asking for such means the act already exists and therefore negates the original brief with the words ‘innovative’ or ‘something new’ in it.   This is one of the many reasons I started an industry showcase in Queensland called #SenseUs – so I could put on stage options I knew would kill it in events, but who needed a platform to perform before getting gigs….More on #SenseUs in the next blog…..

I know the statement “I’m an agent, trust me” will not get me far, but I’ve been managing talent for 21 years, and my business has been doing it for 37 years, so we kinda know a thing or two about how to produce a show, whether it be roving, on stage or a speaker with business content.  Most of our clients are repeat customers, ask them in the nicest possible way “just trust me”, but now I’ screaming it loud and proud – the fact is, that’s what you need to do – trust me!  You trust the Telstra guy when he says your internet will not be disrupted, you trust the government when they say they’re protecting our reef, you trust ….. ok I can see these aren’t the best examples…..

If you’ve contacted us, or a specialist of some kind, it’s because you know we’re the experts in a certain field and therefore you must trust us, at least to some extent!  It’s when you do trust us – that’s when innovation will truly win over and you’ll get a talking piece that will long live in the memories of your guests, let alone the instant gratification of their social media activity.  A trained eye for detail, high production values, decades of managing people and knowing exactly who to engage to get the job done and always with flawless execution, will ensure great innovation will prevail.

So that wash up is – next time you’re having an event, contact an entertainment specialist at the concept design stages.  It will allow so much more dialogue and free-range to create an amazing line-up of talent tailored specifically for you. You’ll be glad you did.  Trust me I’m an entertainment agent!

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