We figured out we did over 800 gigs in November and December alone!  Now that it’s the new year, before we bunker down and do it all again, we have to purge and enjoy a little laugh with you (or at you really)  about some of the fun and frustrating remarks we deal with during the festive season .

Now before we begin the name and shame (What?  Really?  Sorry .. the legal department said no names ..), let’s make it clear that we absolutely get it.  Events can be stressful at the best of times.  Even clever folk like us have our “moments”.   Someone in our office once  asked a client how to spell AMP (her explanation is that she didn’t hear the company name correctly).

Here are some of the giggley comments we’ve received in recent times.  If you can relate we’d love to hear your stories as well.  And if it was you who made any of the following remarks, we’re sorry we’ve published them .. or are we – you idiot.


“So, the jazz trio – How many players are there and what type of music do they play?”

“We’re after a bespoke production, something completely unique and made only for us.   Can you help, and also send us a video of it so we can see it before we confirm?”

“That media wall you’re making for us, can we have our own logos on it or do we have to use the one in the picture?”

“I’ll book the roving performer if you can throw in a professional photographer.”

“We have a magical, elegant fairytale theme.  Do you have a contemporary duo that includes a banjo.”

Embrace the new year.  Lets smash it together.

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