The Dream Team

Melanie Williamson

  • General Manager
  • Corporate specialist
  • Event artisan
  • Daily creator of new swear words

Naomi Andrew

  • Entertainment and Programming Manager
  • Vocal Extraordinaire
  • Strongest throwing arm in the office

Keeley Duggan

  • Entertainment and Programming Manager
  • Fittest person in the office – AFL star in the making!
  • Karaoke judge extraordinaire 
  • Quickest learner in the history of training 

Kurt Heiniger

  • CFO
  • Knows every piece of trivia ever written
  • Thickest hair in the office

Anna Nixon-Smith

  • Administrative ninja
  • Types 499 words per minute
  • Rocky Road world champion

Andrea Heath

  • Director
  • Creative genius
  • Logistics expert / fortune teller
  • Aspiring Eurovision champion

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