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Our Guide To The Best Small Party Venues In Perth

by | Mar 18, 2024 | Venues

Perth offers an eclectic mix of the best small party venues, perfect for those looking to host an event that combines intimacy with personality. Whether planning a chic cocktail evening, an elegant dinner, or a casual get-together, this vibrant city boasts a treasure trove of spots that promise to make your special occasion unforgettable.

Perth’s smaller venues cater to every taste and style, from heritage houses and exclusive wine bars to modern lounges and picturesque outdoor spaces. We navigate the charming and unique venues of Perth’s lively party scene, ensuring that you can select the next venue and hire the perfect intimate setting for your next gathering.

Introduction to Perth’s Party Scene

Perth is a lively city known for its vibrant event scene. It’s a hub of excitement and entertainment, offering a wide variety of venues for hire. The city caters to events of all sizes, from intimate gatherings to large-scale festivals.

The city’s unique and quirky neighborhoods each have their own distinct character. They offer a diverse range of atmospheres suitable for any occasion. Whether you’re drawn to the cultural vibrancy of Northbridge, the serene waterfronts of Riverbank, the historic charm of Fremantle, or the eclectic buzz of East Perth, there’s a setting to match your preference.

Perth’s Small Venue Appeal

The charm of small venues in Perth lies in their ability to make small-function venues offer a more intimate and personalized experience. These spaces range from rustic warehouses in Fremantle, like Moore & Moore, which are brimming with character and perfect for weddings, to quirky cocktail bars, such as Wolf Lane in Perth CBD, ideal for smaller, more personal events.

You’ll find a variety of spaces in the various Perth city center neighborhoods. For instance, the sprawling wine and cocktail garden of Henry Summer in Northbridge seamlessly merges indoor and outdoor settings.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Venue

Choosing the ideal venue for a small party in Perth involves several important considerations. The size of the venue is crucial; it must comfortably fit your guest list without feeling too crowded or too empty. For example, Tiny’s in Perth CBD offers six distinct function areas that can accommodate groups from 35 to 100 guests.

Location is another key factor. Venues like The Blue Room Theatre in Northbridge offer easy access to public transport, adding to their convenience. The type of event also influences your choice of venue. Spaces like The Nostalgia Box in West Perth, with its video game console museum, provide a unique setting for networking events.

Trends in Small Party Events in Perth

Current trends in small party events in Perth show a preference for unique experiences and settings. Venues such as The Old Synagogue in Fremantle, an iconic heritage building, offer distinctive event spaces that bring character to any event. The University of Western Australia’s Sunken Garden is a picturesque outdoor venue that caters to the trend of open-air events.

The Fremantle Sailing Club offers both function spaces and rooms with unparalleled sea views, catering to the trend towards venues that incorporate natural vistas. Additionally, places like Little Creatures in Fremantle tap into the local craft brewing scene, providing a vibrant atmosphere for corporate events and weddings.

Moore And Moore In Perth

Chic and Intimate Venues

Exclusive Wine Bars for Small Gatherings

The city’s landscape is dotted with exclusive wine bars that provide a cozy atmosphere for small gatherings. In the bustling streets of the CBD or the more relaxed neighborhoods like Fremantle, these establishments offer a selection of international and local wines accompanied by delectable small plates. Copia on St George’s Terrace invites patrons to enjoy a global wine selection and classic share plates.

Bertie’s in Bassendean serves British comfort food alongside a thoughtful wine list. At the same time, Powell’s at 12 Electric Lane in Leederville is a stylish venue specializing in cheese and wine pairings. Bodega in Scarborough allows guests to taste Mediterranean flavors with a wine list that includes French, Italian, and Spanish selections.

Petition, nestled in the State Buildings, and Shadow Wine Bar are known for their sophisticated wine offerings and knowledgeable staff who assist in pairing them with food. Wines of While on William Street is a destination for natural wine enthusiasts, offering European-style dishes and a selection of natty wines.

Quaint Heritage Houses for Private Parties

The former city center’s rich architectural heritage provides a picturesque setting for private parties. The Old Tower House, a beautifully restored Italianate building, offers an exclusive venue for weddings and private functions.

It is situated on Francis Street and surrounded by Perth’s historical landmarks, including the Victorian Gothic Town Hall and the modernist Council House. The Old Tower House, established in 1898 and renovated by the Heritage Council of WA, now serves as a quaint space for celebrations.

Its romantic exterior and timeless design make it a standout choice for those seeking a venue with historical significance and an intimate ambiance.

The Old Tower House Venue In Western Australia

Modern Lounges with Personalized Services

For those seeking a modern ambiance with tailored services, Perth’s contemporary lounges are ideal. Amani Bar in Leederville offers a sophisticated setting. At the same time, Public House in the CBD features a blend of timber and industrial design elements.

The Hen House in Osborne Park provides a warehouse environment for private events, and The Lucky Shag Bar offers views of the Swan River and Barrack Square. The Aberdeen Hotel in Northbridge is adept at organizing a range of events, from birthday celebrations to corporate gatherings.

Be Merry creates a fun atmosphere with beer pong tables and karaoke. The Left Bank in East Fremantle has four distinct spaces, each offering views of the Swan River. FS The Space in Myaree is a versatile, unbranded venue that allows for imaginative event planning. The WA Rowing Club’s River Room combines historical charm with contemporary conveniences.

For a lively bar experience, 399 Bar in the CBD is known for its cocktails and attentive service. Ambrose Estate in Wembley Downs is set amongst parkland with gardens and lakes, providing a scenic venue for events. Inspired by American dive bars, Varnish on King features sepia-toned images of local history, adding to its unique charm.

The Aberdeen Hotel In Perth, WA.

Outdoor and Garden Party Spaces

Perth is celebrated for its beautiful beaches and parks, offering a wide array of outdoor and garden party spaces. These cater to various tastes, whether you’re after a scenic rooftop with urban vistas, a secluded courtyard for open-air festivities, or a distinctive waterfront location.

Scenic Rooftop Venues with City Views

For those seeking to host their event against the backdrop of Perth’s skyline, there are several rooftop venues to choose from. Crown Perth’s rooftop bars provide a luxurious setting for celebrations. The Crystal Club offers a panoramic view of the city and the Swan River, making it an ideal spot for any special occasion.

Prince Lane’s Rooftop Bar and HQ Bar + Kitchen on the 10th-floor rooftop of Quay Perth both provide expansive views of the city. HQ Bar + Kitchen offers a particularly impressive perspective of Elizabeth Quay. The Aviary is another popular open-air destination where guests can enjoy the city’s skyline in a vibrant atmosphere.

Private Courtyards for Alfresco Celebrations

For those who prefer a more secluded setting, Perth’s private courtyards are a charming option for alfresco celebrations. Perth City Farm has versatile spaces that suit a variety of events and budgets. The Art Room at Perth City Farm opens onto a veranda and enclosed garden, with a capacity for up to 200 standing guests, making it ideal for a relaxed yet stylish gathering.

The venue’s terracotta flooring, steel beams, and surrounding gardens and rustic buildings create a unique and inviting atmosphere for any small party.

Unique Waterfront Locations

Waterfront locations in Perth offer a special ambiance that combines the tranquility of water with the joy of a celebration. The Raft Perth is a unique outdoor space that can accommodate between 150 and 250 guests, floating on the water and providing an exceptional experience for attendees. For a more intimate waterfront setting, Mimosa House in Iluka and Paradise on the Lakes Escape in Ballajura provide spaces for smaller groups, allowing for a more personal and exclusive celebration.

Perth’s sunny climate is conducive to outdoor events year-round. The city’s variety of venues, from pristine beaches to historic architecture, ensures there’s a suitable outdoor or garden party space for every type of event. Whether it’s a formal black-tie affair or an intimate soirée, the city’s expansive landscape can accommodate a wide range of events. It’s advisable to book these popular venues well in advance, particularly during peak seasons, to ensure the perfect spot for your small party in Perth.

The Aviary In Perth

Culinary Delights at Small Venues

Boutique Restaurants with Private Dining Rooms

Perth’s boutique restaurants offer private dining rooms that combine the finesse of a restaurant with the comfort and exclusivity of a personal space. Ideal for memorable occasions, these spots allow guests to enjoy a meal without the hassle of post-event cleaning. Located throughout the city, these establishments often occupy spaces full of charm, such as the basement of an Art Deco building or a lovingly restored historical site, enhancing the dining experience.

Venues with Award-Winning Chefs

The city’s small venues are not just about the ambiance; they also boast culinary excellence. Some establishments feature award-winning chefs who bring their expertise from renowned dining venues to Perth’s local scene. These chefs are adept at crafting menus that highlight local produce, emphasizing sustainability and innovative culinary techniques. Their diverse culinary backgrounds contribute to a rich variety of cuisines, from reimagined Italian classics to contemporary dishes featuring Australian native ingredients.

Customizable Menus for Intimate Celebrations

For a dining experience that reflects personal preferences, Perth’s small venues often provide customizable menus. This allows for collaboration with chefs to design a menu that aligns with the event’s theme and accommodates guests’ dietary preferences. The chefs’ willingness to adapt and their commitment to excellence ensures that each dish is a reflection of the host’s preferences and the chef’s skill, making each celebration distinctively personal.

The Old Synagogue In Perth

Entertainment and Amenities

Venues Offering State-of-the-Art Audio-Visual Equipment

For those prioritizing high-quality audio-visual capabilities, Perth offers venues equipped with the latest technology. A venue that doubles as a photographic studio by day transforms into a dynamic event space by night, accommodating up to 250 guests and ensuring a memorable audio-visual experience.

Another option is a historic North Fremantle site that has been converted into a multifunctional area with a contemporary bar and a sound system that has hosted some of Perth’s top musical talent. The acoustics in this venue are designed to amplify the quality of any performance.

Additionally, a venue with impressive stone architecture and tiered seating also provides an array of amenities, including private dressing areas and convenient parking facilities, ideal for events requiring a dramatic audio-visual display.

Small Venues with Dance Floors and DJ Booths

For intimate events where dancing is a highlight, Perth has venues that combine ambiance with the practicality of a dance floor. A transformed warehouse features a stylish bar and verdant decor, with space for 100 guests to dance the night away.

The Glamour Bar, situated on the upper level of a multi-story pub in the CBD, offers a stage and a dedicated area for dancing, perfect for late-night revelry. A beautifully renovated historic ballroom can seat 150 guests, providing an elegant space for dancing and celebration.

Venue Accessibility and Parking Options

Accessibility and parking convenience are essential for any event’s success. Venues like the East Fremantle Yacht Club combine stunning Swan River views with proximity to the CBD, ensuring ease of access for guests.

The WA Rowing Club, housed in a heritage building, and Trinity on Hampden, with its specialized conference amenities, provide complimentary parking, increasing attendees’ convenience.

Moreover, a venue dating back to the 1850s offers a blend of accessibility and enchanting ambiance, with its surrounding private gardens and atmospheric lighting, creating an inviting and easily accessible setting for guests.

Your Perfect Perth Party Awaits

Perth’s array of small party venues is as diverse and vibrant as the city, each offering its unique blend of ambiance, elegance, and convenience. Whether you’re delighting in the rustic charm of a heritage house, basking in the beauty of a garden oasis, or toasting in a chic wine bar, your gathering is bound to be unforgettable.

Craft a celebration tailored to your vision with customizable menus, state-of-the-art audiovisual setups, and dynamic dance floors. Rest easy knowing your guests can easily access these hidden gems, thanks to thoughtfully considered locations and amenities.

Let Perth’s intimate venues serve as the canvas for your event’s success. Here, memories are made, and every detail is enveloped in the warmth of Western Australia’s capital. The perfect party venue isn’t just a dream—it’s right here, waiting for you in Perth.

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