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Our Favorite Country Wedding Venues in QLD

by | Dec 7, 2023 | Venues, Wedding

Country wedding venues in QLD offer an enchanting escape for couples looking to tie the knot amidst the rustic charm and natural splendor of Queensland’s picturesque landscapes. From the serene rainforests near Brisbane to the iconic hinterlands of the Sunshine and Gold Coasts, each country wedding venue presents a unique backdrop for your special day.

Whether you dream of exchanging vows with mountain vistas, dancing under timber beams in a classic barn, or celebrating in a historic estate, Queensland’s country wedding destinations cater to every style. In this guide, we reveal our top picks for the best country wedding venues across Queensland, ensuring your nuptials are steeped in natural beauty and equipped with all the amenities for an unforgettable celebration.

Best Country Wedding Venues Near Brisbane

Bundaleer Rainforest Gardens

Tucked away in the lush outskirts of Brisbane, Bundaleer Rainforest Gardens offers a serene escape for couples dreaming of a rustic yet accessible wedding venue. This family-run establishment has been perfecting the art of hosting weddings in its enchanting natural rainforest for over two decades. Located in Brookfield, the venue features a tapestry of country lanes, a private rainforest, and rustic pastures under the canopy of majestic trees.

You can exchange vows in the open embrace of the outdoors, with several ceremony areas to choose from, each with its own charm and character. Your reception can unfold within the heart of the rainforest, where the venue’s secluded nature ensures an intimate celebration. A freshwater creek adds to the magical ambiance, providing a picturesque backdrop for photos and memories.

Bundaleer Rainforest Gardens is known for its quintessentially Australian setting. The romance of the outdoors is tangible here. The flowing creek and the spectacular rainforest gardens create a romantic, intimate, and grand setting, ideal for a wedding that seeks to be one with nature.

Aberfeldy Farm and Barn

Just a short drive from Toowoomba, Aberfeldy Farm and Barn offers a quintessential country wedding experience on a sprawling 50-acre private farmland. The venue radiates rustic charm with its manicured lawns and a striking blue Hamptons-inspired barn designed specifically for receptions. Having the ceremony, reception, and photo opportunities all in one location provides a seamless experience for you and your guests.

The barn, the centerpiece of the venue, isn’t just a feast for the eyes with its large rustic doors and blue facade; it’s also built for comfort, being triple-insulated to cater to all seasons. You can choose from three picturesque ceremony locations: The Lawn, The Point, and The Terrace, each offering a unique vista and ambiance. The Point, in particular, boasts expansive views over the valley, making for an unforgettable ceremony backdrop.

Aberfeldy Farm and Barn’s comprehensive wedding package includes the use of lawn games and an indoor-outdoor bar, keeping guests entertained throughout the event. The barn is a versatile space, accommodating seated banquets and cocktail-style receptions. It comes complete with soft ceiling draping, fairy lights, and a spacious dancefloor.

The venue’s partnership with exclusive caterers ensures a high standard of culinary offerings. The inclusion of various furniture and decorative items in the wedding package means you won’t need to worry about additional styling. The property is a treasure trove of photo opportunities, with its rustic country props and pastoral scenes adding to the allure of a country wedding.

Woodlands of Marburg

Woodlands of Marburg, a historic estate, presents a versatile wedding venue that caters to a range of preferences and styles. Conveniently located between Brisbane CBD and Toowoomba, the venue offers a plethora of ceremony and reception spaces, each with its own character. From the vineyard views at Fig Tree Hill to the heritage charm of the Country Chapel, you can select the perfect setting to match your vision.

The Grotto, encircled by gardens, offers an intimate ceremony space. The Sandstone Cellar is ideal for smaller, more private gatherings. If you prefer an outdoor setting, the Western and Eastern Lawns provide ample space for ceremonies and pre-reception canapés, with the latter offering stunning estate views.

For receptions, the Tommy Smith Café and The Conservatory offer distinct atmospheres. The café is perfect for country, Boho, or vintage-themed receptions. At the same time, The Conservatory can accommodate larger weddings with up to 300 guests. Woodlands of Marburg’s wedding packages are designed to cater to a range of needs, from intimate to deluxe celebrations, and include the services of a Wedding Coordinator, venue hire, catering, furniture, and complimentary parking.

You can also take advantage of various optional extras to enhance your special day, with every detail tailored to your preferences. With discounted accommodation options for guests, Woodlands of Marburg provides a picturesque setting for weddings and the convenience of on-site lodging, making it a comprehensive venue for those special nuptials.

The Barn Wedding Venue, QLD

(source: https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/5f07981b096ca366f9a62fe9/d8e2f852-32b0-4338-be6e-55370dc63239/311407052_553743223421221_3628900698845856218_n.jpg?format=750w)

Best Country Wedding Venues On The Sunshine Coast

The Old Dairy Maleny

Nestled in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, The Old Dairy Maleny is a venue that captivates with its ninety acres of pristine grounds and panoramic views of the Glass House Mountains. The venue’s versatility is evident, accommodating a variety of wedding formats, from casual cocktail receptions to more formal seated arrangements.

The venue’s aesthetic is defined by its grand windows offering expansive views, high ceilings, and exposed timber beams, complemented by a grand fireplace that enhances the space’s warmth and charm. The grounds serve as an idyllic canvas for photographers, with a multitude of scenic spots for capturing the essence of your celebration. The Old Dairy Maleny’s adaptability ensures it can be customized to meet the specific desires of your wedding.

Maleny Retreat

Maleny Retreat stands out as a venue that provides a broad customization scope, catering to small and large gatherings. The venue’s capacity is adaptable, accommodating anywhere from 20 to 100 guests. Known for its ‘blank canvas’ appeal, Maleny Retreat allows couples to craft their ideal wedding from scratch.

The venue offers a range of settings, from a secluded ceremony amidst the forest to a large-scale event on its open grounds. Tenting options vary from the majestic BIG Weekend Wedding Sperry Tents to the distinctive Giant Nordic TiPi or the traditional marquee. The DIY aspect of Maleny Retreat is particularly attractive, allowing couples to infuse their wedding with personal flair and creativity.

Secrets on the Lake

Secrets on the Lake is celebrated for its iconic weddings and idyllic retreats in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Situated beside Lake Baroon in Montville, this venue doubles as a treehouse accommodation, providing a picturesque setting for both the wedding and subsequent honeymoon. With extensive experience in wedding hosting, Secrets on the Lake offers packages suitable for both small elopements and larger gatherings of up to 70 guests.

A dedicated wedding planner and coordinator assists couples from the initial stages to the culmination of their wedding day, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience. The venue’s staff are recognized for their hospitality and attention to detail, contributing to its reputation for organizing serene and memorable weddings. Additionally, a list of preferred suppliers is available to help fulfill specific requirements and create a day that reflects the couple’s vision.

The combination of intimate accommodations, exceptional service, and the venue’s natural splendor positions Secrets on the Lake as a premier choice for those seeking an enchanting wedding venue.

Wedding Couple At The Old Dairy Country Wedding Venue, QLD

(source: https://theolddairymaleny.com.au/gallery/)

Best Country Wedding Venues On The Gold Coast

Coolibah Downs

Coolibah Downs presents a harmonious blend of rustic appeal and classic sophistication, nestled within the Gold Coast hinterland’s private grounds. Conveniently situated a brief drive from the city’s bustling center and within an hour’s reach of Brisbane, this venue offers a scenic locale for various wedding styles, including Boho and traditional themes. Couples can opt for a ceremony in the quaint chapel or amidst the verdant gardens.

The venue provides a selection of wedding packages tailored to suit different budgets and tastes, ensuring a distinctive and unforgettable celebration. Praise from previous guests highlights the staff’s exceptional service, the delectable cuisine, and the venue’s overall atmosphere. The Coolibah Downs team is committed to crafting an outstanding wedding experience.

Boomerang Farm

The Acre Boomerang Farm is nestled within the Gold Coast Hinterland’s green expanses, offering a private and cozy setting for weddings. As part of the historic Boomerang Farm, this venue is a short drive from Broadbeach and enveloped by acres of tranquil gardens.

The Acre Boomerang Farm is celebrated for its comprehensive wedding packages, which encompass all aspects of the event. The venue boasts a distinctive ceremony area over a river stream and a century-old barn that infuses your celebration with a sense of history. With the support of the PLB Group, couples benefit from farm wedding venues with the expertise of a planning team and an on-the-day coordinator to ensure the smooth execution of their wedding plans.

Binna Burra Lodge

Binna Burra Lodge is ideal for those seeking a secluded venue with breathtaking natural surroundings. Positioned at the Gold Coast Hinterland entrance, the lodge offers sweeping views encompassing Lamington National Park, Numinbah Valley, and the distant city skyline.

The lodge features a variety of captivating locations for ceremonies and receptions, including the Mount Roberts Marquee, which can accommodate up to 75 guests and boasts transparent walls for an unobstructed view of the valley. The Coomera Terrace, nestled under towering heritage-listed trees, is perfect for up to 40 guests. At the same time, the Groom’s Cottage & Bushwalker’s Bar provides a quaint setting for smaller parties.

With a dedicated Wedding Coordinator, Binna Burra Lodge ensures a personalized and professional approach to wedding planning, with attention to every detail for a seamless and stress-free celebration. The venue is currently taking bookings, with the Mount Roberts Marquee available from July 2023 and an exclusive waitlist for those looking to secure their wedding date from that year forward.

Coolibah Country Wedding Venue, QLD

(source: https://www.coolibahdowns.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/IK-125.jpg)

Best Country Wedding Venues In North QLD

Thala Beach Nature Reserve

Thala Beach Nature Reserve is a prime location for those envisioning a wedding with the Coral Sea as their backdrop. Situated between Cairns and Port Douglas, this venue offers a tranquil setting that’s a mere 45-minute drive from Cairns Airport. Perched atop a private peninsula, it boasts panoramic views of an untouched coastline.

The reserve’s dedication to the environment is evident in its tree-top timber bungalows, which are discreetly positioned within the eucalypt forest canopy, offering guests a close encounter with nature. The central lodge, the heart of the reserve, is an open-sided structure that harmonizes with the surrounding landscape.

Couples have a variety of venues to choose from within the reserve, including a tropical beachfront for a barefoot ceremony, a charming garden meadow, or an opulent indoor reception area with stunning views of the rainforest. The reserve’s all-inclusive wedding package covers everything from the services of a Marriage Celebrant to floral arrangements and a professional photographer.

An in-house Wedding Planner is available to ensure that every detail is meticulously planned, allowing the couple’s special day to proceed flawlessly.

KUR-Cow Barnwell Farm

A stone’s throw from Kuranda Village, KUR-Cow Barnwell Farm provides a pastoral yet polished ambiance for a country wedding. This operational cattle farm has a variety of spaces that can accommodate up to 200 guests, making it suitable for both cozy and large-scale events.

The farm’s expensive beer garden and bar area create a casual social environment for guests. Accessibility features such as wheelchair access ensure that all guests can partake in the celebration. With options for in-house or external catering services, couples can customize their dining experience.

An on-site coordinator is instrumental in managing events, ensuring that each element of the wedding day is carried out impeccably. The farm’s bucolic allure and comprehensive amenities render it a compelling option for those desiring a country wedding with an elegant twist.

Rainforest Lakes

Nestled in the World Heritage Rainforest, Rainforest Lakes by Rainforestation is a venue that is plucked from a storybook. Located just 30 minutes from Cairns, this venue offers a secluded retreat within the rainforest that is both mystical and accessible.

Rainforest Lakes is dedicated to providing a hassle-free wedding experience. A wedding specialist is available to assist couples from the initial planning stages through to the conclusion of their wedding day. The venue features a range of settings for both the ceremony and reception, including the Founders Pavilion, Lake View by Palms, and the Lake Front, each offering a distinct atmosphere.

For ceremonies, a quaint rotunda is available. Receptions can be hosted in one of three distinct restaurants with a capacity for up to 350 guests. Rainforest Lakes’ competitively priced wedding packages, which start at $90 per person, deliver value while maintaining a high-quality experience. The flexibility to bring your own drinks allows couples to add a personal touch to their celebration.

Atherton QLD Country Wedding Bride And Groom Near Fountain

(source: https://www.rainforestlakes.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/atherton-tablelands-weddings.jpg)


What Is A Country-Style Wedding?

A country-style wedding is an event that embodies the quaintness and simplicity of pastoral life. It often incorporates organic elements such as timber, hessian, and florals to foster a homely and inviting atmosphere. These celebrations are typically held in open-air settings or in venues with a homespun aesthetic, like barns or rural estates.

The ambiance of such weddings is relaxed and informal, with the splendor of the natural environment and handcrafted accents taking center stage. Decor often includes items like glass jars, timber signage, and lace, creating a grounded and unpretentious look that’s both enchanting and simple.

What Is The Dress Code For A Country Wedding?

The dress code for a country wedding is usually casual or smart-casual, though it can be subject to the couple’s preference. Attire should be comfortable and align with the pastoral theme. Women may opt for breezy dresses adorned with botanical patterns or in subdued hues, coupled with footwear suitable for navigating natural terrains.

Men may select lighter suits or button-down shirts with slacks and consider adding cowboy boots for a touch of rural flair. Guests should consider the setting and potential weather when choosing their attire, as spending time outside is common at country weddings.

How Do You Organize A Country Wedding?

Organizing a country wedding involves several essential steps to ensure your day is imbued with the desired pastoral charm. Selecting an appropriate venue is crucial; it should embody the spirit of the countryside, whether that’s a barn, farm, or picturesque outdoor locale. Once the venue is secured, attention should turn to decorations that enhance the bucolic surroundings.

Consider using straw bales for guest seating, repurposed wood for signage, and indigenous blooms for table arrangements. The menu could include robust, family-style meals, and the ambiance can be elevated with acoustic folk or country tunes. Preparing for the elements is also vital—ensure provisions for shade or cover are in place if necessary.

Incorporating unique elements, such as handcrafted gifts or a cherished family dessert for the wedding cake, can infuse your event with warmth and personal significance.

What are rustic wedding colors?

Rustic wedding colors are typically inspired by the environment, featuring a spectrum of subdued and natural shades. Common selections include various greens, tans, and off-whites, reflecting the bucolic surroundings. Gentle hues such as pale pink or cerulean may serve as complementary accents, softening the primary color scheme.

For those desiring a more dramatic effect, deeper shades like maroon or dark blue can provide a striking contrast against a rustic backdrop. The objective is to maintain a cohesive aesthetic that accentuates the venue’s inherent beauty without becoming excessive.

Outdoor Country Wedding QLD

(source: https://www.theacreboomerangfarm.com.au/galleries/ceremony-deck-the-acre-boomerang-farm/#gallery-3)

Choose Your Perfect Country Venue

Queensland’s diverse country wedding venues cater to every couple’s dream day, from the rainforest canopies to the rustic barns and everything in between. Whether you’re after the intimate tranquility of a private nature reserve or the grandeur of a historic estate, each venue offers its own unique slice of paradise, marrying the beauty of the natural world with the charm of country living.

Let the spirit of the countryside envelop your special day, creating memories against backdrops that inspire and enchant you. All that’s left to do is visit these havens of love, where your forever begins amidst the whispers of the wild or under the gaze of the setting sun. Embrace the romance, the scenery, and the heartfelt warmth these venues promise, turning your country wedding into an unforgettable celebration.

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